Whole food shapes

Shapes determine destination

Whole food shapes determine where their enzymes and nutritional benefits will be the most biologically beneficial in the human body. For example the strawberry is similar to the shape of a human heart and its no coincidence that the scientific research on strawberries indicates that strawberries regrow individual carpels of the heart and blood cells.

Another example is a banana which is shaped like a smile

The banana is shaped like a smile because when it is consumed, it lends to serotonin production in the body, thanks to its tryptophan properties. Tryptophan is a precursor to serotonin, without tryptophan one cannot attain the feeling of joy. As author Malcom Gladwell reports in the book “The Tipping Point”, the epidemic of chain smoking might have been triggered by a chemical imbalance in smokers. In turn that chemical imbalance may have lead to people trying to self medicate, reaching for cigarettes because they need the neurotransmitters to help their brain to feel relief. Unfortunately, those chain smokers don’t realize that they should be seeking serotonin from a banana, not the dopamine and nor-epinephrine provided for by the cigarettes. Serotonin lends to the feelings of joy, while the other two just provide a short feeling of well being and help you to feel less anxious- but not joyful. Had they realized that the banana is shaped like a smile because it helps one to feel more joyful, the epidemic of smoking cigarettes may have been avoided.

Still another example is a red delicious apple which resembles a tooth

Not only does a red delicious apple resemble a tooth, it also provides much needed protection for them and our vital organs, the heart and brain.

They have frequently said “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” but what they failed to tell us is that without an apple a day plaque, cavities and gingivitis can grow to a point that may allow bacteria to enter the blood stream where it can attack the heart or brain tissue. Thankfully children can learn very easily through shapes because once they are taught to look to the shapes of whole foods, they can eat to prevent disease.

I tested this theory on myself and the plaque buildup from my lifelong fight against sinus problems literally began falling off in chunks of little yellow smelly plaque- it was so gross! None the less I was breathing much better afterwards.

coconut resembles a skull because it benefits the brain

Another example is the coconut shell which resembles a head or a skull

The inside lining of a coconut shell resembles the human skull, including its lines and texture of the shell; which all indicate health benefits for your brain. Our brain is made up of fat. We need to feed it good fat to live. Coconut oil is one of the best fats for the brain. Our brain feeds off of good cholesterol and thankfully coconut oil lends to good HDL cholesterol production. It also helps to regrow the damaged brain cells, which is why it has helped to reverse brain damage from dementia and has been proven to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. A coconut oil rich diet has also been reported to have reversed the effects of diabetes, high blood pressure and enhance the bodies own immunity defense system against virus, bacteria, fungus, microbes and parasites.

The coconut oils monolaurin molecules, derived after being broken down by the saliva & gastric bypass juices, are the smallest of any. Being so small is what enables them to cross into the blood-brain and oxygen barriers. They are the only cells capable of doing this too. Which makes them so irresistible to super germs. Coconut oil fights super germs biologically, breaking them up for removal by the immunity system.

So now I ask, is it a coincidence that the coconut is shaped like a head or that the inside of the coconut shell resembles the exact same texture and layout of the outer skull? I think not! Our creators intention was to provide all we need for everlasting joy, thankfully he did just that in the whole foods growing all around us.

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