Lung cancer super foods

Whole foods resemble the body part they will biologically benefit



Whole foods which resemble the shape of a set of human lungs indicate that they will offer biological health benefits for the lungs.  Just like the Java plum resembles a set of lungs because they biologically protect them from lung cancer (+ prostate cancer) when you add them to an oxidized oil-free diet. Do not to over eat them because eating to many cause other health problems.

Thankfully the human body was created to thrive and survive. With a whole food diet rich in tropical oil and free from bad oil; diseases can be reversed, prevented or eradicated. Just as the liver, heart and skin can be regenerated; so can all the living cells be regenerated, if they receive the proper nourishment of micro nutrients (vitamins & minerals) and macro nutrients (carbohydrates, protein & fats).

Cancer Prevention

Preventing deadly cancers is as easy as eating the right foods, to provide the right enzymes, which fight the imbalance of cancer cells and healthy cells in the human body.   Everyone possesses cancer cells in their bodies, but its the imbalance of free radicals and anti-oxidants which can lead to the deadly imbalance.

Create a good balance of radicals and anti-oxidants to eliminate the probability of deadly diseases. Prevent deadly cancers by adding Beta-carotene, Vitamin C and Vitamin E to your daily diet.

Antioxidants can decrease oxidative stress induced carcinogenesis by a direct scavenging of ROS and/or by inhibiting cell proliferation secondary to the protein phosphorylation. B-carotene may be protective against cancer through its antioxidant function, because oxidative products can cause genetic damage. Thus, the photo protective properties of B-carotene may protect against ultraviolet light induced carcinogenesis. Immunoenhancement of B-carotene may contribute to cancer protection. B-carotene may also have anticarcinogenic effect by altering the liver metabolism effects of carcinogens.[] Vitamin C may be helpful in preventing cancer.[] The possible mechanisms by which vitamin C may affect carcinogenesis include antioxidant effects, blocking of formation of nitrosanimes, enhancement of the immune response, and acceleration of detoxification of liver enzymes. Vitamin E, an important antioxidant, plays a role in immunocompetence by increasing humoral antibody protection, resistance to bacterial infections, cell-mediated immunity, the T-lymphocytes tumor necrosis factor production, inhibition of mutagen formation, repair of membranes in DNA, and blocking micro cell line formation.[] Hence vitamin E may be useful in cancer prevention and inhibit carcinogenesis by the stimulation of the immune system. The administration of a mixture of the above three antioxidant reveled the highest reduction in risk of developing cardiac cancer.


Illustrated learning cards

The above collection of illustrated learning cards is comprised of lung cancer super foods. Add these fruits and vegetables to your tropical oil rich diet in moderation to help your body ward off an imbalance of cancer cells; preventing lung cancer formation. Choose those with the above mentioned vitamins and feel the difference, then message me and tell me how your doing after upgrading your diet.

For amounts and benefits from the following foods, research your personal situation, as this information is not intended to treat, cure or to replace your current treatments or Doctors prescriptions. This information is provided as a point of reference only.

Java Plum (Jambolan plum)

The java plum (Jambolan) has been shown to posses 74 individual phenolic compounds, found in its edible parts, with nearly all the non-tannin phenolics found in the skin. The java plum possesses the following:

  • 9 Anthocyanins
    • Delphinidin
    • Petunidin
    • Malvidin
  • 9 flavonols
    • myricetin
    • laricitrin
    • syringetin
    • glycosides
  • 19 flavanonols
    • dihexosides of dihydromyricetin + its methylated derivatives
  • 8 flavan-3-ol monomers
    • mainly gallocatechin
  • 13 gallotanins
  • 13 ellagitanins
  • proanthocyanidins
    • highly galloylated prodelphinidins
  • gallic acid
    • a potent free-radical scavenger and antioxidant
  • ellagic acid
  •  oxalic acid
  • tannins
    • proanthocyanidins
    • hydrolyzable tannins
      • gallotannins
      • ellagitannins

However excessive oral intake of tannin-rich plant products can also be dangerous to health, consume them in moderation.

Unfortunately these whole foods may not be strong enough on their own to prevent breast cancer, but eaten in moderation together as part of an oxidized oil free diet, they may perform wonders! Whole foods are supposed to be combined together, to create nutritionally well balanced meals. When you choose the foods your body needs, those foods become medicinal.