Heart healthy super foods

Whole foods resemble the body part they will biologically benefit

Whole foods which resemble the shape of a human heart indicates that they will offer biological health benefits for the heart.  Just like the strawberry resembles a heart because they biologically benefit it.

The heart can be regenerated if it receives the proper nourishment of micro nutrients (vitamins & minerals) and macro nutrients (carbohydrates, protein & fats)  With a whole food diet rich in tropical oil and free from bad oil; diseases can be reversed, prevented or eradicated all together.

For amounts and benefits from the following foods, research your personal situation, as this information is not intended to treat, cure or to replace your current treatments or Doctors prescriptions. This information is provided as a point of reference only.

Unfortunately these whole foods may not be strong enough on their own to help to prevent disease, but eaten in moderation together as part of an oxidized oil free diet, they may perform wonders! Whole foods are supposed to be combined together, to create nutritionally well balanced meals. When you choose the foods your body needs, those foods become medicinal.