Bone broth nutrition 101

Consuming 1 cup per day of bone marrow broth on an empty stomach will work wonders for your health according, to the experts. 2 parts chicken bone broth to 1 part beef bone broth, seasoned with anti-inflammation spices (such as turmeric, ginger, celery seeds etc.) plus a tropical oil (such as coconut oil), or a small amount of butter is best.

Bone broth comes from the slow boiling of bones of either cow, lamb, poultry or fish, together with vegetables and a tropical oil, such as coconut oil. It is also available in the soup aisle, just make sure the box reads “Bone broth”.

Bone marrow broth helps to regrow the esophagus and digestive tract lining, as well as the b-cells and t-cells; when its consumed daily, as part of an oxidized oil free diet. It provides gelatin which provides building blocks for forming and maintaining strong bones while supporting healthy bone mineral density. Gelatin also helps to strengthen the gut lining and supports intestinal health and integrity. Collagen helps to form compounds which make up the connective tissue, and is provided for by bone broth consumption.

Bone broth nutritional benefits

Glycosaminoglycans-(GAG) have the primary role of maintaining and supporting collagen and elastin that take up the spaces between bones and various fibers. They help to restore the intestinal lining.

Glucosamine– There are two main types of naturally occurring glucosamine: hydrochloride-sulfate both help keep up the integrity of cartilage which is the natural cushion & rubbery substance between the joints. Glucosamine can be depleted with age, which is why supplementation is highly recommended (via bone broth) to support joint health.  It also helps support cartilage health, joint health and flexibility.

Hyaluronic acid- Found throughout connective, epithelial (skin) and neural tissues, hyaluronic acid contributes to cell proliferation, differentiation and mitigation, allowing our cells to perform various functions throughout the body as needed. It offers support for multiple skin types and promotes healthy aging, cell rejuvenation and skin firmness.

Chondroitin sulfate- a beneficial glycosaminoglycan found in cartilage within the joints of all animals. It’s often used to support joint health and comfort, especially in combination with glucosamine. Supports healthy inflammation response as well as cardiovascular health, bone health, skin health, and healthy cholesterol levels.

Minerals and electrolytes- Bone broth provides essential minerals, including electrolytes, all provided in an easy to absorb form. Electrolytes found within bone broth include calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and many other minerals which are important for healthy circulation, bone density, nerve-signaling functions, heart and digestive health.

(A low sodium diet benefits from the ideal balance of sodium and potassium to support cellular health and efficiency.)

Collagen- The main structural protein found within the human body that helps form connective tissue and “seals” the protective lining of the gastrointestinal tract. Gel-like smooth structure that covers and holds our bones together.

Gut irritation impairs normal digestive functions and causes permeability, allowing particles to pass into the bloodstream, known as leaky gut. A rich source of gelatin, bone broth protects and seals the mucosal lining of the GI tract, which means it improves nutrient absorption and also helps keep particles from leaching out to where they shouldn’t be.

Collagen contains 19 amio acids, both non-essential and essential types. Most collagen found in bone broth must be obtained from our diets, since our bodies cannot make them on their own.

Proline- The chief component of bone broth, proline is essential for building the integrity for healthy skin, hair and nails. As well as the gut lining & facilitating digestive function. Proline is needed for tissue repair within the joints and arteries, plus it helps support healthy blood pressure levels. It buffers our bodies from effects of vibration or shock and helps us to hold on to valuable cartilage as we get older. It supports healthy cardiovascular function too.

Glutamine- Supports the body in maintenance of healthy muscle tissue during and after periods of exercise and helps with muscular fatigue. It supports digestive health, healthy immunity system response and energy levels. Provides “fuel” to our cells and supports a healthy intestinal lining as well as supports synthesis of glutathione; one of the bodies most powerful antioxidants.

Glycine- Is an amino acid. Approximately 1/3 of the protein found in collagen is glycine. It helps to form muscle tissue by converting glucose into usable energy which feeds muscle cells. Glycine is found in high quantities in muscles, the skin and various tissues. Glycine has an important role in digestion and central nervous system function and also promotes detoxification and cleansing.

Arginine- breaks down nitric oxide within the body (which is an important compound for arterial and cardiovascular health)

Nitric oxide allows for better vasodilation, meaning the widening of arteries and relaxation of muscle cells and blood vessels that allows for better circulation.

Arginine also helps the body make more protein from other amino acids, which is important for repairing muscle tissue, normal wound healing, sparing tissue wasting, boosting the metabolism and aiding in proper growth and development.

There are 3 types of collagen

Type 1

Most abundant and strongest type of collagen within the human body; made of eosinophilic fiber and found in tendons, ligaments, bone, the dermis (skin) and various organs. Its used to form bones and support wound healing. Type 1 collagen is extra strong capable of being stretched without tearing.

Type 2

Cartilage within our joints is mainly composed of type 2 collagen, which is the primary protein found in our connective tissues. It supports healthy inflammation response. Found in chicken and turkey broth. Its best for repairing and sealing the gut lining. Type 2 collagen supports digestive and immune system.

Type 3

A major component of the extracellular matrix that makes up our organs and skin, which helps give skin its elasticity and firmness. Plus type 3 forms our blood vessels and tissue within the heart.

6 bone marrow benefits:

  1. Protects joints
  2. Good for the gut
  3. Maintains healthy skin
  4. Supports immune system function
  5. Boosts detoxification
  6. Aids the metabolism and promotes anabolism
Source (This information was shared from the Dr. Axe book) Disclaimer