Java plums prevent lung cancer

Java (Jambolan) plum nutritional benefits

Whole foods resemble the body parts they were created and designed to assist

Java (Jambolan) plum prevents lung cancer

Java Plum (Jambolan plum)

The java plum (Jambolan) looks similar to a set of lungs because they provide the lungs biological protection against diseases such as lung cancer. They have been shown to posses 74 individual phenolic compounds, found in their edible parts, with nearly all the non-tannin phenolics found in the skin. However excessive oral intake of tannin-rich plant products can also be dangerous to health, consume them in moderation.

Unfortunately these whole foods may not be strong enough on their own to prevent lung cancer, but eaten in moderation together as part of an oxidized oil free diet, they may perform wonders! Whole foods are supposed to be combined together, to create nutritionally well balanced meals. When you choose the foods your body needs, those foods become medicinal. Learn about more lung cancer super foods here.